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Leveraging the remarkable potential of Office 365 managed services!

office 365 managed services - M365

Are you tired of spending all those seemingly endless hours maintaining your M365 environment? And, that too instead of focusing on your core business areas? We empathize with you! Try our Office 365 managed services.

That’s why Office 365-managed services like ours exist – so you can reap the benefits of M365 without the agonizing task of handling it yourself. From the most pragmatic implementation to robust security, a third-party provider devotes all the time and energy in doing the needful so that your organization survives. Leave the technical jargon to the experts and resume doing what you’re confident and passionate enough to do!

Dealing with the expenses and difficulties of hiring an in-house IT team can be overwhelming.

Especially if you’re just beginning to scale up your assets. Outsourcing to a professional provider can help you minimize both time and draining budget, while also mitigating the danger of downtime, data loss, and cyberattacks. According to a recent IDC report, businesses that use Office 365 managed services can save up to 40% on IT costs and even boost their revenue by up to 19%.

Really willing to take your productivity and collaboration to another horizon?

For this pursuit as well, consider switching to M365 outsourcing! With the latest versions of all your favourite Office applications available from any device and location, you’ll possess adequate stuff to stay productive no matter where you are. Conveniently, features like OneDrive and SharePoint make file exchange and collaboration with team members as smooth as a calm breeze.

Statistics by Forrester even found that businesses using M365 IT services can see up to a 15% improvement in employee productivity and an 18% improvement in collaboration.

Another factor to consider – remote work not fading away and is greatly shaping the future of work.

This blog is all about reports. Here’s another – according to a recent report by NASSCOM, India now has the second-largest remote workforce in the world after the US. Possessing 1.38 million new remote workers in 2023, businesses and employees alike are seeing the facilities of flexibility, diversity, and inclusion in the workforce. Along with providing more stable opportunities for innovation and collaboration across geographical borders, remote work also allows for a better work-life balance – if you think from a psychological perspective.

Tomorrow is definitely in the cloud movement!

As you see remote work and digital transformation at an all-time high, major businesses are turning to cloud computing to align with their preferences and necessities. Gartner states that the public cloud services market in India grew by 29.4% in 2023, reaching $4.4 billion. And for good reason!

Cloud computing allows for more scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency, not to mention access to advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and much more.

Henceforth, why M365?

Leveraging the scalebinding power of M365, businesses can boost productivity, efficacy, safety, and compliance. As demand grows, businesses find ways to optimize their experience with top-notch guidance by outsourcing from credible partners.

Brands seeking to enhance their digital capabilities and competitiveness are increasingly turning to Office 365 managed services, with the global market expected to reach $48.4 billion by 2025. India is among the fastest-growing regions for this market.

At M365 Run, we’ve helped countless brands optimize their M365 game. Partner with us to access our innovative ideas, resources, and toolkits, and take your brand to new heights of brilliance.

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